Investigating the essential roles of Ubiquitin-like molecules and the Ubiquitin Proteasome System

Tycho E. T. Mevissen


Since October 2012
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)
Advanced student of Trinity College Cambridge
PhD candidate in Molecular Biology
Thesis: The OTU Family of Deubiquitinases: Specificities, Mechanisms and Applications

April 2008 – September 2012
Free University of Berlin, Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Berlin, Germany)
Diploma course in Biochemistry
Diploma thesis (performed at MRC LMB):
Mechanistic Insights into Linkage-Specificity of the Human Ovarian Tumour Domain-Containing Deubiquitinase YOD1

Tycho Mevissen

Work Experience

May – August 2012
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK)
Diploma student with Dr. David Komander

October – November 2011
RiNA Network RNA Technologies GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
Practical training with Dr. Marcus Menger 

May – August 2011
Vanderbilt University, Center for Structural Biology (Nashville, TN, USA)
DAAD-ACS-IREU summer program with Prof. Walter J. Chazin

January – April 2011
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK)
ERASMUS student with Dr. David Komander

October – December 2010
Free University of Berlin, Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Berlin, Germany)
Practical training with Prof. Markus C. Wahl


Flierman D*, van der Heden van Noort GJ*, Ekkebus R*, Geurink PP, Mevissen TET, Hospenthal MK, Komander D & Ovaa H (2016) Non-hydrolyzable Diubiquitin Probes Reveal Linkage-Specific Reactivity of Deubiquitylating Enzymes Mediated by S2 Pockets. Cell Chem. Biol., doi:10.1016/j.chembiol.2016.03.009 (* equal contribution)

Geurink PP, van Tol BDM, van Dalen D, Brundel PJG, Mevissen TET, Pruneda JN, Elliott PR, van Tilburg GBA, Komander D & Ovaa H (2016) Development of Diubiquitin-Based FRET Probes To Quantify Ubiquitin Linkage Specificity of Deubiquitinating Enzymes. ChemBioChem, doi:10.1002/cbic.201600017

Min M, Mevissen TET, De Luca M, Komander D & Lindon C (2015) Efficient APC/C substrate degradation in cells undergoing mitotic exit depends on K11 ubiquitin linkages. Mol. Biol. Cell 26: 4325-4332

Hospenthal MK*, Mevissen TET* & Komander  D (2015) Deubiquitinase-based analysis of ubiquitin chain architecture using Ubiquitin Chain Restriction (UbiCRest). Nat. Protoc.10: 349–361 (* equal contribution)

Birsa N, Norkett R, Wauer T, Mevissen TET, Wu HC, Foltynie T, Bhatia K, Hirst WD, Komander D, Plun-Favreau H & Kittler JT (2014) Lysine 27 Ubiquitination of the Mitochondrial Transport Protein Miro Is Dependent on Serine 65 of the Parkin Ubiquitin Ligase. J. Biol. Chem. 289(21): 14569–14582

Mevissen TET, Hospenthal MK, Geurink PP, Elliott PR, Akutsu M, Arnaudo N, Ekkebus R, Kulathu Y, Wauer T, Oualid El F, Freund SMV, Ovaa H & Komander D (2013) OTU Deubiquitinases Reveal Mechanisms of Linkage Specificity and Enable Ubiquitin Chain Restriction Analysis. Cell 154: 169–184

  • Recommended by Faculty of 1000.
  • Featured in Berndt JD & Gough NR (2014) 2013: Signaling Breakthroughs of the Year. Sci Signal 7: eg1

Kulathu Y, Garcia FJ, Mevissen TET, Busch M, Arnaudo N, Carroll KS, Barford D & Komander D (2013) Regulation of A20 and other OTU deubiquitinases by reversible oxidation. Nat. Commun. 4: 1569–9

Licchesi JDF, Mieszczanek J, Mevissen TET, Rutherford TJ, Akutsu M, Virdee S, Oualid El F, Chin JW, Ovaa H, Bienz M & Komander D (2012) An ankyrin-repeat ubiquitin-binding domain determines TRABID's specificity for atypical ubiquitin chains. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 19: 62–71

Conferences & meetings

July 2015
40th FEBS Congress on “The Biochemical Basis of Life” (Berlin, Germany)
Poster presentation

October 2014
EMBO Conference on “Ubiquitin & ubiquitin-like proteins: At the crossroads from chromatin to protein” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Talk & poster presentation (poster prize sponsored by NSMB, see prizes)

July 2014
The 8th Young Researchers’ Retreat (YRR 2014) at Osaka University (Osaka/Kyoto, Japan)
Talk & poster presentation

June 2013
Ubiquitin and Autophagy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Poster presentation

November 2012
FEBS Special meeting on ”Protein Quality Control and Ubiquitin Systems in Health and Disease” (Kusadasi, Turkey)
Poster presentation

August 2011
Vanderbilt University Summer Science Academy Ninth Annual Research Symposium (Nashville, TN, USA)
Poster presentation

Scholarships and prizes

October 2014
Poster prize sponsored by NSMB at the EMBO Conference on “Ubiquitin & ubiquitin-like proteins: At the crossroads from chromatin to protein” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

February 2013
GBM Diplom-/Masterprize of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM, Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie) for an outstanding Diploma thesis

May – August 2011
DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)-ACS (American Chemical Society)-IREU (International Research Experience for Undergraduates) scholarship within the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN, USA)

January – March 2011
ERASMUS grant within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) for a three-month internship at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK)

March 2006
Award-winning contribution in the regional and federal state level German youth science competition Jugend forscht




David Komander


Cellular roles of atypical Ub chains.