Investigating the essential roles of Ubiquitin-like molecules and the Ubiquitin Proteasome System

Research Projects

Research Project 1 Probe molecules and assay reagents to study action in Ub and UBL systems and role of DUBs; synthetic approaches.
Research Project 2 Proteasome activation to treat neurodegeneration.
Research Project 3 Cellular roles of atypical Ub chains.
Research Project 4 Maintaining genome stability by SUMO and Ub.
Research Project 5 In vivo requirements of the UBL modifier SUMO on SALL proteins function during steroidogenesis: D. melanogaster as a model system.
Research Project 6 Mechanisms of ubiquitylation, deubiquitylation and proteolysis in developmental pathways and under stress conditions.
Research Project 7 Mass spectrometry analysis of ubiquitylated and SUMOylated proteins.
Research Project 8 The role of proteasomal Ub receptor Rpn13 in mouse development.
Research Project 9 Role of the SUMO specific ubiquitin ligase RNF4 in the DNA damage response.
Research Project 10 Functional connections between protein SUMOylation and reactive oxygen species.
Research Project 11 The role and regulation of the proteasome regulator PA28γ.
Research Project 12 The role of ubiquitylation in infectious diseases.