Investigating the essential roles of Ubiquitin-like molecules and the Ubiquitin Proteasome System


COURSE: Visualizing protein-protein interactions in cells

18/11/2013 - 22/11/2013

Visualizing protein-protein interactions in cells,

CNRS-CRBM, Montpellier

18th-22nd November 2013


Students with a relaxing cup of red wine

Students enjoying a relaxing glass of French wine after the hard work in the lab


Participants of the course (from left to right):

Lucia Pirone (CIC bioGUNE)

Nitil Jindal (GSK)

Marco Ristic (IGMM-CNRS)

Beata Jonik-Nowak (CRBM-CNRS)

Jón Otti Sigurðsson (UCPH)

Aysegul Sapmaz (NKI)

Tycho Mevissen (MRC)

Katarzyna Kliza (GOETHE)

Katharina Witting (NKI)



Guillaume Bossis, Séverine Boulon, Olivier Coux



Guillaume Bossis, IGMM

Séverine Boulon, CRBM

Virginie Georget, CRBM and MRI

Emmanuel Margeat, CBS

Julie Perroy, IGF

Marion Peter, IGMM